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Are You Toxic?

By Dr Theodore | May 15, 2010

If you live in the world as we know it chances are very high that you have in your body a very large number of potentially dangerous toxins. This article will look at exactly what a toxin is and how it can cause problems within your body, and then I will fill you in on the best ways to remove these toxins from your system.

A toxin is a substance that has a detrimental effect on cell function and leads to cellular imbalance. Whether this imbalance leads to an actual disruption in the normal functioning of the cell or to disease, depends on how potent the toxin is, the amount of toxin there is, and how sensitive the person is to the toxin.

Toxicity within your body can lead to numerous different problems ranging from mild inflammation (eg a skin eruption or acne), up to much more serious diseases such as cancer.­

Sources of Toxins

a)    Exogenous toxins are toxins that come from outside our body and enter via our lungs, skin and digestive system. They include substances such as alcohol, nicotine, food additives, pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste, heavy metals, solvents, car fumes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and electromagnetic radiation.

b)    Endogenous toxins are toxins that are produced within the body as a result of metabolism or impaired digestive function. Metabolic waste products include: carbon dioxide, urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, and lactic acid. Toxins are also produced from the harmful organisms that often overload the body (especially the gut), including bacteria and yeasts etc.

Toxins in Your Daily Life

Life is Toxic! Everyday most of us are exposed to a multitude of toxins. Let’s take a look at how many toxins you are likely to come into contact with on a daily basis:

As you can see from the above description, it is not just one toxin that causes us problems, but a combination of many.

It is this combination of toxins (often in low doses) that leads to systemic toxicity and to cellular damage over the long term.

Health Effects of Toxin Exposure

Headaches                 Fatigue               Infertility               Joint Pains             Allergies

Frequent Infections                 Back Pains            Digestive Problems          Skin Disorders

Psoriasis             Liver Problems              Sudden Weight Gain             Hives

Anxiety               Depression                    Bad Breath             Constipation         Nausea

Sinus Congestion                   Irritated Eyes              Mood Changes                   Insomnia

Weight Gain          Excess Body Fat             Lethargy                  Memory Problems

Brittle Hair & Nails       Strong Body Odour         Coated Tongue        Fibromyalgia

Adverse reactions or sensitivity to environmental chemicals, odours or natural supplements

Menstrual Disorder – PMS, breast tenderness or breast lumps, irregular menstruation, or painful menstruation

Premature  Aging           Skin Degeneration        Arthritis        Diabetes       Cancer

If you have any of the above signs, symptoms and problems on a recurrent basis and your Doctor has been unable to solve your problem, then it is highly likely you are in toxic overload and you should seriously consider a whole body detox.

Health Benefits of Removing Toxins From Your Body

Given the numerous consequences to your health from an overload of toxins, it is extremely beneficial for you to detoxify your system in order to regain your normal cellular function, and in turn regain your normal health and vitality. The benefits of detoxification include:

1)    Your Intestinal tract is cleansed from all the decaying waste products and from pathogenic organisms that are intoxicating your system. This is the first and major part of detoxification as now your intestines will no longer be poisoning your blood and your whole body. Also, having a clean intestinal system will allow the normal absorption of essential nutrients into your blood for normal cellular function.

2)    Your blood and lymphatic systems are cleansed from excess waste products and toxins, excess fats and cholesterol, and from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites etc. A clean blood and lymphatic system means all your cells can now receive more of the nutrients that they require for normal functioning. This will restore normal function to your organs and to your whole body once again.

3)    Your liver, which is your bloods major detoxification organ, is cleansed of waste products allowing it to function at a much higher capacity. Liver detoxification is essential in order to restore a clean and health body.

4)    Your mental function and clarity is boosted as chemical, toxin and food additive overloads are eliminated.

5)    Weight is reduced including excess fat as your body can now eliminate its stored toxins that it had kept hidden within its fatty tissues.

6)    Stomach size can be reduced to normal as poor dietary habits are stopped.

7)    Your immune system is returned to normal as it has been either over stimulated or suppressed due to toxic overload.

8)    Your hormonal system is also returned to normal allowing much better reproductive and sexual functioning, and to weight loss.

Detoxification Is a Must For a Healthy Body

It always amazes me how people with even the most severe symptoms or health problems can recover rapidly after cleansing their body of toxins. Time and time again I have witnessed major transformations in people after a whole body detoxification has been completed, often within only a few weeks.

This is no surprise to me as I have no doubt that toxin overload plays a major role in most if not all of our current health problems.

Once you embark on a program to completely remove toxicity from your body, your health will improve dramatically. Remove toxins and start to regain your health again.

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