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Healthy Aging with Ozone

By Dr Theodore | May 18, 2011

The Sunday Mirror of London reported in 2001 that the Queen Mother (100 yrs old at the time) was having ozone therapy for rejuvenation and health maintenance. She was urged to try this therapy at the suggestion of her grandson, Prince Charles, whose interest in alternative therapies is well known.

She only mentioned she was having ozone therapy to friends after they commented on how good she was looking.

Ozone therapy is a potent adversary to the “aging disease” as it combats directly many of the factors that cause and accelerate aging in our body and mind.

Specifically, ozone therapy:

ü  Improves cellular and organ oxygenation

ü  Removes unwanted heavy metals and cholesterol deposits from the blood and body

ü  Enhances nitric oxide release – this is a powerful dilator of arteries, hence blood pressure is lowered and more blood flow to the organs is permitted

ü  Boosts the cellular antioxidant defence systems hence protecting your cells from aging

ü  Opens blood flow to the Brain for enhanced memory and learning ability

ü  Boosts blood flow to the liver and kidneys for increased systemic detoxification

ü  Boosts blood flow to the sexual organs for improved sexual performance

The most powerful form of ozone therapy is EBOO or RHP. This is the ultimate natural anti aging, regenerative, healing and disease eliminating therapy currently available in the world. This non-drug based natural therapy is currently being used by thousands of people who want to stay young and active and disease free for many years to come.

There is no more powerful oxidative therapy than Ozone Therapy EBOO/RHP.

If you are serious about keeping your young, your health, your energy and vitality and about eliminating or avoiding disease, then you must strongly consider adding ozone therapy to antiaging program.

For more information on this particular from of ozone treatment, you can have a look at some of the videos on this website, or you can email me at

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