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How Ozone Works In Your Body

By Dr Theodore | November 5, 2009

Why is ozone such a powerful weapon against illness and disease? The answer to this question is clear once you understand what ozone is and how it works. Ozone consists of 3 Oxygen atoms, whereas Oxygen has only 2 oxygen atoms. It is this extra oxygen atom which gives ozone its instability and its power.

You see the extra oxygen atom is not comfortable where it is, and it makes the ozone very unstable. This extra oxygen atom wants to immediately attach itself to something else to find stability and to release an oxygen molecule.

Let’s take for example how ozone works to neutralize viruses or bacteria and other pathogens.

When ozone comes into contact with a virus for example, it immediately disrupts the very delicate and frail viral cellular envelope surrounding the viral organism. This leads to a breakdown of the viral cell wall and also a rupture of the virus, leading to its destruction.

Ozone therapy, has been proven in studies to be able to destroy virtually all viruses, some more so than others.

For example Dr Carpendale in 1991 at the Veterans Hospital in San Francisco, showed that HIV could be 99% inactivated using only 0.5 mcg ozone/ml of human blood, and completely inactivated by concentrations of 4 mcg/ml of human blood. This concentration is harmless to normal human cells which have antioxidant defence systems within their cell walls, and are able to resist the powerful  effects  of ozone.

Ozone when used as part of natural therapy protocol, is one of the most potent hiv treatments know to man.

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