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Ozone Therapy – A Powerful Anti Aging Treatment

By Dr Theodore | October 14, 2009

Oxygen is essential to life – you would die if your cells did not receive oxygen for 3 minutes. For Anti Aging it is critical to raise the amount of oxygen in your blood and in your cells. Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful ways to do this. If used correctly, ozone is a “wonder drug” that has the potential to revolutionize medicine and anti aging. You too can now benefit from the dramatic health boosting effects of ozone therapy.

What is Ozone

Ozone is an allopathic form of oxygen – it is O3 instead of O2. It is like a “super-charged” form of oxygen. It is normally present in the atmosphere as the ozone layer, which acts to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer known to man as it powerfully neutralizes free radicals or positively charged particles. It is very unstable and it is this property that makes it so very powerful.

The extra oxygen molecule wants to leave and to attach itself to something else. When it leaves pure oxygen, or O2 remains, which then leads to much more oxygen in your body. But since the single oxygen molecule is negatively charged it wants to attach to any positively charged molecule. And all of the viruses, bacteria, parasites etc that cause disease in man are positively charged, so by flooding the body with ozone this extra oxygen molecule acts to neutralize all of these disease causing pathogens.

What Is Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a medical therapy administered by a doctor that has been trained to give ozone treatment. Medical ozone treatment has powerful disease reversing and antiaging benefits when used correctly.

An ozone generator is used to generate the ozone gas from pure medical grade oxygen. This ozone machine or medical ozone generator generates a precise concentration of ozone gas (usually no more than 5%) which is then used as part of the oxygen ozone treatment session.

How Can Ozone Be Used As A Medical Anti Aging Therapy

Ozone can be used in a number of different ways to improve your health and well-being, and to help regenerate your body and cells. The most common are;

· Rectal insufflation – where ozone gas is inserted into the rectum. This technique is simple and has been used effectively for cardiovascular disorders, viral illness (hepatitis A, B & C), immune-activation, and as part of a cancer therapy protocol. Usually anywhere from 50 – 800 mls of ozone is insufflated into the rectum over a period of several minutes.

· Vaginal insufflation – in this method ozone gas is introduced into vagina where it acts locally on the vagina, cervix and uterus. It can also from here find its way into the abdominal cavity. This method is useful for gynecological problems including yeast infections (candida),uterine infections and fibroids, and even cervical cancer.

· Ear insufflation – an ozone and oxygen mixture is used in this medical ozone treatment and is applied to the ear canal for a few minutes at a time. This method is particularly useful for middle ear infections, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections with congested sinuses, candida infections, bronchitis, and influenza.

· Minor Auto-hemotherapy – this involves the use of a small amount of a persons blood (10-20 mls) which is then then mixed with the same amount of ozone and oxygen gas. The resulting mixture is then injected into the buttock muscle. This injected blood acts like a vaccine as it is derived from the persons own cells. It is used mainly for allergies, acne, immune stimulation, and as part of a cancer therapy protocol.

· Major Auto-hemotherpy – this is probably the most commonly used form of ozone therapy in the world. In Germany there are more than 5,000 Doctors using this procedure to successfully treat a wide variety of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease ( blocked coronary arteries, heart failure, angina, high blood pressure), diabetes, stroke, arthritis, cancer, viral infections (incl. HIV, Herpes, CMV ), bacterial and fungal infections. This involves taking 250 mls of a person’s blood then mixing it with 250 mls of an ozone oxygen mixture. After the gas has fully been absorbed into the blood, it is then re-infused into the vein.

· Whole Body Ozone Therapy – this is the most powerful and potent way to use ozone for complete health and healing and for anti aging. In this method blood is taken out of one arm then it is directed to a special filter (similar to a kidney dialysis filter) through which it slowly passes. As it passes through the filter all the waste products in the blood are filtered out – including excess fat and cholesterol, urea, creatinine, heavy metals like mercury, iron, and aluminum – and at the same time a specific ozone oxygen gas mixture is infused into the filter, slowly mixing with the blood. During this procedure which is usually done for an hour, up to 5 litres of your blood ( close to ¾ of your total blood volume) passes through the filter to be cleaned and ozonated/oxygenated.

Whole body ozone therapy is a major breakthrough in AntiAging and in Natural Health and Healing.

This procedure, which uses no drugs or chemicals and is completely safe in the hands of a skilled operator, has been used in a wide variety of health problems, often with dramatic effect.

I have used this procedure myself to treat and reverse conditions such as cardiovascular disease (severe heart failure, coronary artery blockage, hypertension), diabetes ( including complications like blindness, and severe leg ulcers) and stoke. It can also be used to reverse the effects of mental decline and dementia, and as part of a cancer treatment plan.

Whole body ozone therapy is used as part of my whole body detoxification program, which is the ultimate program for completely cleansing, detoxifying and healing your body. This program is the ultimate medical detox program and is will completely remove all heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and other un-natural substances from your body to return you to as state of perfect health.

To find out more about this unique whole body detoxification program, click here now.

For more information on ozone therapy feel free to contact me at

God Bless

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